Manage your business across more than 20 different platforms - all from one place.
That's the power of FastRank
Every day, there are roughly 543 million internet searches. Approximately 20% of those searches are made for local companies. What if a customer is searching for a company like yours, but you aren't listed? Here at FastRank, we solve that problem for you. We offer you a simple yet reliable way to get seen across the internet.

We give you more for less.
We have the most coverage, and we are still growing. FastRank covers a spectrum that spreads over more than 20 different websites, including four of the largest (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp). Our competitor’s listings don’t even get 25% of the visibility that we provide. By putting you on more websites, and more widely used directories, we can ensure that you will get noticed faster and more often. We are also adding more websites to our coverage list every week, and at no additional cost to you.

Network Coverage


The Other Guys

Facebook? Google+? Twitter? Bing? We got´'em. They don´t.

True, our competitors can list your business on Yahoo!, Yelp, and LinkedIn. But can they list you on Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Bing? Nope. We can. We cover the top-grossing internet companies and search engines, meaning that even more people will be able to find your company. We get you into the places that they can't.

Affordable? You Bet.
The enrollment fee is only $499, and then it's only $99 a month. As we put you on more websites, you don't pay a thing - that's right, our rate stays the same. Which means that as we get you on more websites, you get noticed more, which means you get more money. Who doesn't like that?
Small Business
Marketing Budget
FastRank saves you
time and money.

We keep it Simple.
FastRank allows you to easily make changes anywhere you can access the internet. From your FastRank dashboard you can change your business information, post new deals and specials, even upload pictures all from one page. When finished making changes to your profile, just click the "sync" button and FastRank will upload all the new information across all of the websites and directories in our network. We do all of the hard work, you get all the benefits.

Change, update, post and upload made easy.


Businesses face several challeges managing their online presence.
Business information changes regularly - not only as your business opens, closes, or moves, but also with special offers, new products, job openings, holiday hours and more.

Your customers expect to find the most current and complete information on the internet.

We can help you meet that expectation, on an ongoing basis, with minimal effort..
FastRank's one-point control saves you hours.
FastRank's one-point control saves you hours, maximizing your online visibility, while ensuring that your customers will find you more quickly, more easily, and more often.

FastRank allows you to keep your business information current on over 20+ of the most commonly searched sites.

Setup couldn't be easier - sign up today and see for yourself!